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Now · that's · what · I · call · a · wedding · party!

That's t*ts!

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80% chance of rain
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Whatever you do don't look at the forescast for this weekend.


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Kerry came over and helped me try on the dress again! Heather did spectacular things to it. She redid the zipper, hemmed it amazingly, made some optional straps and made hooks for the bustle. She also made a gorgeous cape like thing that sadly I am too round to make work. It just makes me look like a melon. I'm sure someone else (skinnier) will use it at the wedding and "own it."

With the new corset thing that I got to go with the other dress the wedding dress fit MUCH better. Kerry is a pro at zipping me into things and got the dress on with one hand. This is my favorite of the pictures where she told me to hold my hands out like Smurfette.

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Things to Do:

Wrap groomsmen, Ray and Burt gifts...or at least remove the price tags.
Buy shoes.
Get ring re-sized.

Finish photo scavenger hunt
Wrap Dirty Dozen's gifts
Count up RSVPs
Try on dress one dozen times
One more hair practice with Brandy
Practice bouquet making
Buy lipstick thing and test it
Buy food for rehearsal dinner
Keep checking on dancing- find back up dancing
Update wedding website with anything
Pack up all of the wedding stuff

I ordered a black crinoline to go under my super fantastic reception dress. YAY! I've always wanted one. I need to practice wearing all of my heels, too!

I can't believe how close the wedding is!

* * *
This is me OWNING the dress Kerry and I bought.

* * *
* * *
Here is where Blake and I are staying the night of the wedding.


It looks fun and it has goats. Blake looooooves goats.

Mom has her 1 million bows draped around the guest room. I can't wait to see what that looks like. I also got a hook up on tulle so the bridge will be covered. I may also have a hook up on potted plants! Hee hee!! Oh the joys of teaching students who work in retail!

RSVP time is drawing to a close and a lady at work wants me to send a reminder to everyone. I don't know how I feel about that. I'm not really supposed to do it but she did ask.....

One of my mom's neighborhood friends, a really nice girl about my age, got me a present. This girl is one of the nicest people I've ever met and I know some really nice people. (She doesn't top Heather and Larry though.) I know that I'm asking for no presents but it's really hard because I love getting presents. It just stinks because we'd have no where to put em. But I mean, presents are presents. You know? It's hard to turn that down.

Blake's friend who is making the cake has said that he can make any kind of cake we want and even go crazy decorating it. That's so fun!
* * *
Two thoughts:

My mom keeps saying I shouldn't wear a veil because it makes me look too "virginal." I'm a bride, dammit, I'm supposed to look virginal. Besides they don't make tainted woman headgear and if they did I wouldn't wear it. I've revirginated!!! HOHOHO! TAKE THAT!

Anyone who comes up to me on my wedding day and says, "Julie, I love your dress but I gotta tell ya, that veil makes you look a little too virginal. I mean, we all know you've been around the block" will be hand delivered a punch in the face by a woman in a giant dress.

Other thought, speaking of the giant dress....the ever wise Margo was explaining to me why I look better in some dress pictures then in others. You see I have to "own" the dress. When I'm "owning" the dress it looks better. I've been practicing owning it lately and I have to admit she's on to something.

* * *

It's hard to see exactly what's happening here but here's the gist:
Brandy straightened my hair with a mini straightner thing.
Then she flipped the end out.
Then she smoothed my bangs.

What do you guys think? Brandy thought it looked very Jackie O....and you know I'm all for that!
* * *
Blake bought a suit. A real one. At a real store. It's gray and made by Calvin Klein and it is actually being altered. Can I get an amen?
* * *
I just made a spreadsheet in Excel to figure out how many flowers I could get for each bridesmaid of two different kinds, at two different prices without exceeding my budget. It more or less was awesome.
Here's what I'm getting: 30 stems of white tulips, 60 stems of pink tulips and 72 stems of pink roses.

I also finished making all of the cds and wrapping them so I'm ready for the next shipment of favors. Each cd has a collage of baby pictures of Blake and I on the cover and is wrapped in a white bag stamped with a pink quote, folded over and tied with a pink grossgrain ribbon. I've been so crafty for this wedding.

* * *
* * *